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What’s Hiding in Our Interactive Walls

Although Gaudí was a man of the 19th century, general consensus has it that, as an architect, he was well ahead of his time. This is why, when we decided to create a space where visitors can delve into the creative universe of this genius of Modernisme, we couldn’t be any less. In order to discover all the mysteries behind his innovative architectural language, we had to use the most advanced technology available.

This is the motivation behind not only the spectacular 4D audiovisual experience , but also our interactive walls.

At G Experiència, we have three large-scale walls made up of high-resolution touch screens that allow many users to interact at the same time.

Just like on a tablet, users interact with the information via touch. This way, through the options they choose, they can discover the life and work of Gaudí. Each user can open up their own workspace on the wall and access the information that interests them most in any one of the nine languages available.

A team headed up by Joan Pujol was charged with achieving this high level of interactivity and with integrating the technology and information. Based on our groundwork to decide which contents to offer and how to explain them, they designed all the pieces that now make up our giant interactive walls.

When you approach the wall, a circular menu appears with four main focal points: Gaudí’s architectural work, his projects that were never constructed (including those from when he was a student), his decoration and furniture design, and his biography. If, for example, you select one of his works, you will see a text explaining the piece and several photographs. You can jump to other works and even change languages at any time. Plus, all the information is illustrated with images from the era to help put the works in context, thanks to thoroughness of the contents created with the help of documentary-maker Xavier González.

Given the highly versatile nature of our approach, these walls not only help individual visitors get an in-depth look at Gaudí, but are also used during guided tours. They are the perfect tool to make it simple and enjoyable for schools or groups to delve into the world of Gaudí.

Whether you want a bird’s-eye overview of the renowned architect’s life and works or to spend hours discovering it in depth, you’ll find many answers on our interactive walls. And access is free.

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