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Gaudí Lives on in 4D

People enjoying Gaudí Experience audiovisual.

b’Ars, a visual effects (VFX) trade fair focusing on the artistic side of the film-making process, was held in Barcelona from 5 to 8 June. With this type of effects, images are created or manipulated beyond the scope of live filming and are later incorporated into traditionally recorded sequences to create realistic looking settings.

And this is what we’ve done in our audiovisual on Antoni Gaudí.

Thanks to this technology and lots of imagination, we offer a 4D audiovisual that allows you to experience the magical world of Antoni Gaudí and discover his innovative architectural language. You’ll feel how the seats move at the same frenetic pace as the action on the screen and this, along with other effects we’ll leave for you to discover on your own, will submerge you into the incredible creative process of Antoni Gaudí, allowing you to guess and imagine which elements inspired his most emblematic buildings. And all without a single spoken word, only the strength of 4D, music and effects.

Director and producer Pol Mainat was in charge of making 3D images from a script that immerses the viewer in Guadí’s creative process. Pol created a story that draws the viewer into Gaudí’s creative process. The film helps show how nature and medieval legend (dragons, warriors, etc.) inspired the genius of Catalan Modernisme architecture to design his masterpieces, seven of which have been declared UNESCO Heritage Sites.



Creating a film like the one at Gaudí Experiència meant recreating part of Antoni Gaudí’s work, and early 20th-century Barcelona, in 3D. Although shooting with the actors took only a few days, the 3D recreation was an intense, complex task that lasted months. However all the hard work was worth it: we’ve created a voyage that combines history with the unique experience of an audiovisual film with 4D effects that goes well beyond entertainment. In the words of Toni Cruz, creator and promoter of Gaudí Experiència alongside Josep Maria Mainat, “It’s not a documentary; it’s a magical journey.”

Join the thousands who have already experienced it. Have fun while learning! 



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