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"An entertaining and very educational visit"

Gaudí Experiència - schools

That's how teachers from the Virolai school described their visit to G Experiència, after enjoying the activities we offered their students and that were part of a framework of personalised school visits that we offer to education centres.

It was the first time for them, but other schools have repeated the experience, such as the Escola Marina: “We have participated in the activities offered by G Experiència for years and we really like the visit to Park Güell, as it gives children the opportunity to discover Antoni Gaudí's architecture up close, in an entertaining and enjoyable way”.

But before talking more about the full range of educational and entertaining activities on offer, we want to present the winners of this year's school photography competition. The winner is the Escola Pereanton, who won with their photo “La serp”, or “The snake”, which received the most votes. Well done to all the 5th year students who took part! Their creativity and photographic skills delighted us once again.

But let's get back what G Experiència can offer your primary, secondary and sixth form students.

As you have already read, one of our instructors accompanies schools who make a visit to nearby Park Güell. Once there we walk around the different paths in the park while explaining the unique history of the innovative project, and why it ended up becoming a public space in Barcelona. This part of the visit is always a success. “The guided tour around Parc Güell covers everything, and the guide adapted the explanation to our group. The children paid attention and participated”, according to the Escola Mercè Rodoreda.

But this little excursion is only the first part of the activities offered to schools by G Experiència. Once they have visited the park, students have the opportunity to get closer to Gaudí's magical world by watching a projection with 4D technology. Not only does it include 3D video, but it also immerses visitors in surround sound, and has moving seats. It is a unique way to understand, first-hand, the role that nature played in inspiring the great architect. The François Truffaut School from France told us that they were impressed by our 4D projection: “The visit was great and we were well-received; the guide explained everything very clearly and the 4D show is great, the kids really enjoyed it”. Visitors from the Escola Virolai thought the same: “The impressive video and the special effects reinforce the information that students learned in the classroom and during the Park Güell tour”.

But it doesn't end there. G Experiència also has large interactive wall panels that allow visitors access to all of Gaudí's works. There is also a model area, where one of our instructors offers educational activities. After their visit, the Escola Marina got in touch with us to let us know that “the activities carried out in the Gaudí Experiència through the 4D video and interactive wall panels was spot on. Children discovered the history of Gaudí and some of his works in an inspiring way [...] In short, a great experience.” For the Escola Mercè Rodoreda the visit was also positive: “The 4D video is extraordinary, spectacular and a real experience. The explanation on the digital screens is also highly recommended, and captured the attention of the children”.

Even students with special needs, like those at the ASPACE School, can enjoy and learn from the G Experiència. A group of students 16-20 year old students from the school, and who suffer from cerebral palsy, came to visit us. This is what Àngels Vilà, one of their teachers, had to say about the visit: “It was the first time our students saw this kind of video, and the experience was very positive. In addition, the explanation on the interactive panels was very interesting and the producer really knew how to capture the attention of our students, with a very clear explanation that was adapted to their needs. They knew how to interact with them and get them to participate”.

In addition, G Experiència is part of the School Activity Programme (Programa de Actividades Escolares, or PAE) run by the Educational Coordination Council at Barcelona City Council (Consell de Coordinació Pedagògica de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona). It also has the Quality Seal for Education from the Educational Coordination Council at Barcelona City Council.

Finally, we leave you with this comment from the Escola Mercè Rodoreda: “We highly recommend the experience and we are very pleased to have visited G Experiència”. So what are you waiting for? Bring your students to see Gaudí from a different perspective!


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